Bakers Dozen Soap Sample Pack

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  • Bakers Dozen Soap Sample Pack
  • Bakers Dozen Soap Sample Pack

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Want a really great way to try a bunch of our soaps at one time without committing to a full size bar, Try our Bakers Dozen Soap Sample Pack! They Make Great Gifts Too!

Each bakers dozen soap sample pack comes with 13 different guest size soap bars. Some of the guest bars may be uniformly cut, some slightly uneven, but they all will deliver the same creamy, luxurious experience as any of our full size bars and work just as well. Some might be seasonal soaps, some we offer and others are soaps we made for custom orders. The total weight is about 1 pound of soap, which is equivalent to over 3 full size bars! Each guest size bar is a quarter of the size or our regular bars.

Here are some things to consider and to keep in mind about our bakers dozen:

  • Bars will all be slightly different sizes

  • Bars are not individually labeled

  • Scents might meld

  • Each bag contains 13 different random soaps 

All soaps may contain the following: essential oils, fragrance oils, nut oils, shea butter, goat's milk, lard, herbs, colorants, micas. If you have skin allergies this may not be for you. As with any product if you have any irritation occur, please discontinue use.