Black Raspberry Vanilla

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This one is an all around happy aroma!

A perfect combination of fruity with vanilla with its ripe black raspberries mixed with dark plums and warm vanilla.This scent is a very rich and smells absolutely delightful.



Baking Soda                               Citric Acid

Rice Bran Oil                              Cocoa Butter

Mango Butter                            Distilled Water

Fragrance                                  Polysorbate 80

Red 33

Each Bomb is 7 ounces 

Phthalate Free

How to Use a Bath Bomb:

Bath Bombs are easy to use and are meant to be used once. Fill your tub with water, Drop in your Bath Bomb, Lay yourself back and enjoy the bath.

 We carry a couple of different scents and selection will be different all the time. 

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