Southern Sunshine

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This scent will be the sunshine of your day!

It will make you feel like your standing in one of our southern fields in the middle of the day with the sun on your face as a soft breeze blows a sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange all enhanced by the soft hints of peach and berries on an undertone of musk, which will moisturize your skin all at one time.


 Olive Oil                                         Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)        
Organic Coconut Oil                      Fragrance 
Rice Bran Oil                                  Polyester 3
Organic Shea Butter                      Iron Oxide
Aloe Juice                                       Acid Yellow 73
Purified Water                                 Pigment Green 7


Size: 4 oz. bar of soap

Vegan Friendly 

Nitro Musk Free

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