Sweet Honeysuckle

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Smells like driving down a country road in the summer. It's the perfect sweet and floral mix, absolutely charming!


Coconut Oil                                            Olive Oil

Rice Bran Oil                                          Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Shea Butter                              Castor Oil

Aloe Juice                                               Purified Water

Sodium Hydroxide (lye)                          Fragrance

Mica                                                       Titanium Dioxide

Phthalate Free - Yes                                Vegan - Yes

Our Soaps are handcrafted in small batches, using the traditional Cold Process Method. They are made with the best ingredients, careful consideration and a lot of enjoyment. Not only will they clean your skin, they will leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and balanced.

 Due to the handmade nature of soap making, your bar of soap might be a little bit different from the pictures above.

 Net Weight: 4 oz (114 g.)

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